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Because of the huge size of the common wheat (Triticum aestivum L., 2n = 6x = 42, AABBDD) genome of 17,300 Mb, sequencing and mapping of the expressed portion is a logical first step for gene discovery. Here we report mapping of 7104 expressed sequence tag (EST) unigenes by Southern hybridization into a chromosome bin map using a set of wheat aneuploids and(More)
This thesis presents work done during the last ten years on developing five multimodal spoken dialogue systems, and the empirical user studies that have been conducted with them. The dialogue systems have been multimodal, giving information both verbally with animated talking characters and graphically on maps and in text tables. To be able to study a wider(More)
A general overview of the AdApt project and the research that is performed within the project is presented. In this project various aspects of human-computer interaction in a multimodal conversational dialogue systems are investigated. The project will also include studies on the integration of user/system/dialogue dependent speech recognition and(More)
When designing multimodal dialogue systems allowing speech as well as graphical operations, it is important to understand not only how people make use of the different modalities in their utterances, but also how the system might influence a user's choice of modality by its own behavior. This paper describes an experiment in which subjects interacted with(More)
Amplified fragment length polymorphism markers were evaluated to determine the genetic diversity and relationships among cultivated and weedy ryes (Secale cereale L.) using a large global set of accessions. On the basis of 395 polymorphic bands resulted from nine PstI-MseI primer combinations, cultivated rye exhibited higher average genetic diversity (Ht =(More)
This paper presents an overview of methods that can be used to collect and analyse data on user responses to spoken dialogue system components intended to increase human-likeness, and to evaluate how well the components succeed in reaching that goal. Wizard-of-Oz variations, human–human data manipulation, and micro-domains are discussed in this context, as(More)
The study reported in this paper is based on results from a Swedish database of spontaneous computer-directed speech. This database was investigated to determine how people adapt their language when they interact with computers. A spoken dialogue system with an animated agent, August, was installed in a public location in downtown Stockholm. Members of the(More)
Aluminum toxicity is a major problem in agriculture worldwide. Among the cultivated Triticeae, rye (Secale cereale L.) is one of the most Al tolerant and represents an important potential source of Al tolerance for improvement of wheat. The Alt4 Al-tolerance locus of rye contains a cluster of genes homologous to the single-copy Al-activated malate(More)
This report describes the rationale, approaches, organization, and resource development leading to a large-scale deletion bin map of the hexaploid (2n = 6x = 42) wheat genome (Triticum aestivum L.). Accompanying reports in this issue detail results from chromosome bin-mapping of expressed sequence tags (ESTs) representing genes onto the seven homoeologous(More)