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Bounded timed-arc Petri nets with read-arcs were recently proven equivalent to networks of timed automata, though the Petri net model cannot express urgent behaviour and the described mutual translations are rather inefficient. We propose an extension of timed-arc Petri nets with invariants to enforce urgency and with transport arcs to generalise the(More)
We present a framework for TCTL-preserving translations between timedependent modelling formalisms. The framework guarantees that once the original and the translated system are in one-by-many correspondence relation (a notion of behavioural equivalence between timed transition systems) then TCTL properties of the original system can be transformed too(More)
TAPAAL is a new platform independent tool for modelling, simulation and verification of timed-arc Petri nets. TAPAAL provides a stand-alone editor and simulator, while the verification module translates timed-arc Petri net models into networks of timed automata and uses the UPPAAL engine for the automatic analysis. We report on the status of the first(More)
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