Joakim Bragd

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AIMS Is glycaemic variability an independent risk factor for the development of microvascular complications in addition to average glycaemia, as assessed by glycated haemoglobin (HbA(1c))? In this study, an 11-year follow-up was carried out in patients with type 1 diabetes. The standard deviation of blood glucose (SDBG) concentration, an index of glycaemic(More)
BACKGROUND It is generally held that basal insulin substitution with continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) provides less variable glucose levels than with long-acting insulin analogs, e.g., glargine, in patients with type 1 diabetes, although this has not been convincingly demonstrated by continuous glucose monitoring. METHODS To compare glucose(More)
Endothelin (ET)-1 levels are increased in patients with type 2 diabetes and may contribute to vascular complications and insulin resistance. Recently, we showed that ETA receptor blockade improves nutritive skin capillary circulation in patients with type 2 diabetes and microangiopathy (1). In this study, we investigated the effect of ETA receptor blockade(More)
A cross-sectional survey of severe hypoglycaemia was performed in type 1 diabetes mellitus patients in 1984 and repeated in 1998 at the diabetes out-patient clinic of a Swedish university hospital. The study revealed that the prevalence of severe hypoglycaemia had increased by more than 50 per cent over 14 years, in spite of more frequent use of multiple(More)
AIMS To study the prevalence of severe hypoglycaemia (SH) in relation to risk factors in Type 1 diabetic (T1 DM) patients over a period of 14 years. METHODS We performed a cross-sectional survey of a cohort of 178 T1 DM patients registered at our out-patient clinic in 1984 to be repeated in 1998. An identical questionnaire was sent to the patients in the(More)
In a study performed at a Stockholm clinic for young people with drug abuse problems, where urine adulteration was suspected to be fairly frequent, a total of 594 patient specimens were subjected to Adultacheck test strip screening for nitrite, glutaraldehyde, pH, and creatinine. Creatinine measurement was also performed at the laboratory, together with(More)
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