Joah L. Williams

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The current study investigated the role of discourse scaffolds embedded into vicarious learning environments in classroom learning. In the current study, one of three vicarious learning conditions with varying levels of discourse scaffolds preceded standard instruction on seven classroom days. An explanation condition included deep questions, course content(More)
Violent loss survivors often describe experiencing recurrent imagery about their loved one's death. The Death Imagery Scale assesses 5 kinds of imagery: reenactment, rescue, revenge, reunion, and remorse. We explored the frequency of these forms of imagery and their associations with PTSD, depression, and/or complicated grief (CG) among 130(More)
Two experiments explored the role of vicarious " self " explanations in facilitating student learning gains during computer-presented instruction. In Exp. 1, college students with low or high knowledge on Newton's laws were tested in four conditions: (a) monologue (M), (b) questions (Q), (c) explanation (E), and (d) question þ explanation (Q þ E). Those(More)
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