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The correct detection of atrial arrhythmias by pacemakers is often limited by the presence of far-field R waves (FFRWs) in the atrial electrogram. Digital signal processing (DSP) of intracardiac signals is assumed to provide improved discrimination between P waves and FFRWs when compared to current methods. For this purpose, 100 bipolar and unipolar(More)
A review of the organizational, methodological and technical aspects of pacemaker therapy in the German Democratic Republic is presented. It underlines the importance of expeditious decentralization of cardiac pacing centres and the role played by an inter-disciplinary working group made up of cardiologists, surgeons and health-care engineers in(More)
Nach Pharynxteilresektion mit subtotaler Laryngektomie ist in vielen Fällen ein dauerhaftes Tracheostoma erforderlich und mit lang anhaltenden Schluckstörungen zu rechnen. Ausgehend von eigenen experimentellen und klinischen Studien zur Larynxchondrosynthese war das Ziel der Arbeit, eine Methode zur Rekonstruktion von bis zu zwei Dritteln des Larynx und(More)
Asynchronous myocardial contraction in heart failure is associated with poor prognosis. Resynchronization can be achieved by biventricular pacing (BVP), which leads to clinical improvement and reverse remodeling. However, there is a substantial subset of patients with wide QRS complexes in the electrocardiogram that does not improve despite BVP. QRS width(More)
The quantitative deep-tissue microbiology of the infected feet of 32 patients with diabetes mellitus was studied, and the clinical features of the patients were analyzed. Techniques of specimen collection designed to avoid contamination from surface flora were used to study amputated lower limbs. Cultures of deep tissue from six patients yielded only(More)
UNLABELLED Partial pharyngectomy combined with subtotal laryngectomy results in permanent tracheostomy and long lasting swallowing difficulties in many cases. Based on our prior experimental and clinical studies on laryngeal chondrosynthesis the objectives of this project were to develop a method for reconstruction of up to two thirds of the larynx and one(More)
A total of 82 clinical isolates of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and 21 isolates of methicillin-susceptible S. aureus were studied for in vitro susceptibility to N-forminidoyl thienamycin at incubation temperatures of 30 and 35 degrees C. The disk diffusion test results were correlated with the macrobroth dilution test by means of the error(More)
BACKGROUND Heart rhythm disturbances are cardiac side effects in patients with sleep-disordered breathing (SDB), which in itself is considered to be a risk factor for bradycardic rhythm disturbances. OBJECTIVE We analyzed the prevalence and degree of SDB in patients who received a cardiac pacemaker due to bradycardic rhythm disturbances and investigated(More)
Quantitative aerobic and anaerobic cultures of deep tissue were performed on amputated infected lower limbs of 13 diabetic patients immediately after surgery. Dissection was made through intact skin distant from any preexisting ulcer. The results were compared with those obtained from: (i) ulcer swabs (pre- and postamputation), (iii) curettage of the ulcer(More)
BACKGROUND Pacemaker-induced superior vena cava (SVC) syndrome is a rare but serious complication of permanent pacemaker implantation. Because of its rarity, little is known about the long-term prognoses of such patients. METHODS Five patients, mean age 62 +/- 11.4 years, with pacemaker-induced SVC syndrome for more than 10 years were investigated. The(More)