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We provide an overview of the Garlic project, a new project at the IBM Almaden Research Center. The goal of this project is to develop a system and associated tools for the management of large quantities of heterogeneous multimedia information. Garlic permits traditional and multimedia data to be stored in a variety of existing data repositories, including(More)
While database systems provide good function for writing applications on structured data, computer system users are inundated wit.11 a flood of semi-structured information, such as documents, electronic mail, programs, and images. Today, this information is typically stored in filesystems that provide limited support for organizing, searching, and operating(More)
The goal of the Garlic [1] project is to build a multimedia information system capable of integrating data that resides in different database systems as well as in a variety of non-database data servers. This integration must be enabled while maintaining the independence of the data servers, and without creating copies of their data. "Multimedia" should be(More)
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