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PURPOSE To determine transfection efficiency of FuGENE HD© lipofection and AMAXA© nucleofection on rat Schwann cells (SC). METHODS The ischiadic and median nerves of 6-8 week old Lewis rats were cultured in modified melanocyte-growth medium. SCs were genetically transfected with green fluorescent protein (GFP) as reporter gene using FuGENE HD© lipofection(More)
The efficacy of Schwann-cell cultivation can be enhanced by in vitro predegeneration of the harvested cells compared to immediate culture. The aim of this study was to improve Schwann-cell culture efficacy by comparing three different durations of predegeneration. The sciatic and median nerves of 6-8-week-old Lewis rats were harvested and subjected to(More)
Complete colorblindness (achromatopsia) is caused by autosomal recessively inherited mutations in the retinal phototransduction pathway, predominantly in the CNGA3and CNGB3-subunit of the cyclic nucleotidegated (CNG) channels in cone photoreceptors. CNGA3, which is mutated in about 25% of the achromatopsia patients, mainly harbors missense mutations which(More)
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