Joachim Sanou

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OBJECTIVE Intensive care units (ICUs) are very expensive and their role and effectiveness in developing countries are discussed; yet, their performance in these countries was infrequently reported. We report the experience over the first two years of activity of the multidisciplinary intensive care unit of the Ouagadougou national hospital. The analysis of(More)
This study was performed to determine the incidence of sore throat 24 h after tracheal intubation in 1,268 patients ASA I or II, who had undergone elective surgery. A data form was completed. Nosing were age, sex, type of surgery, anaesthetic drug, muscle relaxant, number of intubation attempts, duration of intubation, and presence of sore throat. The(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the practice of anaesthesia in French-speaking subsaharian countries. TYPE OF STUDY Prospective survey. PERSONS Two hundred seventeen nurse anaesthetists, from 11 different countries. METHODS Anonymous questionnaire. RESULTS One third of nurses were practising anaesthesia since less than five years and 1/3 since more than 10.(More)
As with any substance that interferes with nervous system functioning, anaesthetics are likely to have neural effects the duration of which extend beyond the acute loss of consciousness. Studies of recovery after anaesthesia have shown that physiological effects and psychomotor functions return to pre-anaesthesia levels within at most 90 min of the(More)
This retrospective study evaluates the adolescent mortality rate at the University Hospital of Ouagadougou in the year 1995. Twenty lethal cases were collected amongst 646 deliveries giving birth to 490 children. The in-hospital adolescent maternal mortality rate come to be 4081 for 100,000 living births (4.08%) and represented 16.3% of all maternal deaths(More)
The objective of this study is to collect preliminary epidemiologic data about nosocomial infections (NI) in the National Hospital of Ouagadougou. A prevalence survey of NI was realized in surgical wards (116 patients). All hospitalized patients were included, excepted those stayed less than 48 hours. Using the definitions of the "Conseil Supérieur(More)
Organization of emergency care services prior to hospital admission has progressed at a satisfactory pace in developed countries. A performance model in this field is the French emergency service called service d'aide médicale d'urgence (SAMU). Socioeconomic conditions prevailing in developing countries have pushed authorities to give priority to preventive(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the disturbances and delay of recovery of cognitive functions following propofol anaesthesia, and to evaluate a series of simple cognitive recovery tests. STUDY DESIGN Prospective comparative non randomized clinical study. PATIENTS Two groups of non premedicated patients, of ASA physical class 1 and 2 were studied. The control group(More)