Joachim Rosenkranz

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Little information is available on vocational rehabilitation and satisfaction with the quality of life in adult patients with early onset of end-stage renal disease (ESRD). A sample of 39 patients (mean age =26.7±6, range, 18 to 43 years, n =13 on dialysis, n =26 transplanted successfully) were required to report data on their vocational qualification and(More)
In a multicentre study comprising five paediatric nephrology centres in Western Germany, psychosocial and educational parameters were assessed (during 1987) in 479 children and adolescents with chronic renal failure (CRF) in order to gain insight into their psychosocial adaptation to the disease. At the time of assessment, 31% of patients were on(More)
BACKGROUND Darbepoetin-alpha is applicable at longer injection intervals. Our early experience in children on peritoneal dialysis suggested increased injection pain compared to epoetin-beta, possibly due to technical differences or patient anxiety. METHODS To verify a possible difference in the painfulness of the injected fluids per se, we performed a(More)
In the late sixties, renal replacement therapy (RRT) was started in terminal renal insufficient children and adolescents. The high mortality rate and extreme therapeutic difficulties gave doubts to the possibility of longterm survival as well as somatic and psychosocial rehabilitation in these patients. But nowadays due to improvements in medical and(More)
The sense of shame seems to vanish for more than a decade now, manifested e.g. by an increasing tolerance toward the naked female body. However, it is supposed that shame has still its significance especially during female puberty. Psychological considerations referring to shame and to the puberty of girls are reported and the significance of feeling(More)
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