Joachim Roos

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Task synchronization in Ada causes excessive run-time overhead due to the complex semantics of the rendezvous. To demonstrate that the speed can be increased by two orders of magnitude by using special purpose hardware, a single chip VLSI support processor has been designed. By providing predictable and uniformly low overhead for the entire semantics of a(More)
BACKGROUND Several surgical procedures for the repair of fistulas between the rectum and the urethra or vagina have been reported. Our study was designed to assess the efficacy of the gracilis muscle flap in repairing recto-urethral and rectovaginal fistulas. METHODS Gracilis muscle interposition flaps were performed in 35 patients (aged 38-78 years,(More)
Designing air quality policies that improve public health can benefit from information about air pollution health risks and impacts, which include respiratory and cardiovascular diseases and premature death. Several computer-based tools help automate air pollution health impact assessments and are being used for a variety of contexts. Expanding information(More)
A special purpose VLSI coprocessor has been designed to support the real-time functionality of Ada Tasking. The coprocessor has been successfully implemented, and this paper concludes the project by evaluating its performance. The performance is measured by running a large set of benchmarks which test different rendezvous situations. The benchmarks were(More)
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