Joachim Potgieter

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BACKGROUND Point of Care testing (POCT) provides on-site, rapid, accessible results. With current South African anti-retroviral treatment guidelines, up to 4 fingersticks /patient/clinic visit could be required if utilizing POC. We determined the feasibility and accuracy of a nurse performing multiple POCT on multiple fingersticks followed by simplification(More)
Manufacturing companies are facing three challenges: low cost production of product, high quality standard and rapid responsiveness to customer requirements. These three goals are equally important for the manufacturing companies who want to be competitive in the global economy. Reconfigurable machining system facilitate the demand for Mass Customization(More)
INTRODUCTION HIV-infected patients require antiretroviral treatment for life. To improve access to care, CD4 enumeration and viral load tests have been redesigned to be used as point-of-care techniques using finger-stick blood. Accurate CD4 counting in capillary blood requires a free flowing blood drop that is achieved by blade incision. The aim of this(More)
We present a modified structure of 2-D CDF 9/7 wavelet transforms based on adaptive lifting in image coding. Instead of alternately applying horizontal and vertical lifting, as in present practice, Adaptive lifting performs lifting-based prediction in local windows in the direction of high pixel correlation. Hence, it adapts far better to the image(More)
Nowadays wavelet transform has been one of the most effective transform means in the realm of image processing, especially the biorthogonal 9/7 wavelet filters proposed by Daubechies, which have good performance in image compression. Hence, in this paper an attempt has been made to analyse traditional and adaptive lifting based wavelet techniques for image(More)
The design to market time of printed circuit boards (PCBs) is a function of individual cycle times of different processes that comprise the production of the PCBs. Production of a family of PCBs with common electronic component layout, composition and interconnections can also be greatly reduced by implementing the principle of Reverse Engineering (RE).(More)