Joachim Mittag

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Due to the large amount of nodes that could comprise a vehicular network, simulation is a valuable tool used for the design and analysis of inter-vehicle communication protocols. In this paper we first describe all the components of a simulation framework that has ns-2 as core building block. Our main contributions are an accurate implementation of the MAC(More)
The Public Health Service is in a unique position with regard to the access to all socioeconomic groups including those who lack the alertness to make use of our health care system. This highlights it as a key factor in primary prevention. Interventions must focus on the individual situation of the addresses in order to motivate them to healthy behaviour.(More)
Basic knowledge about ones own body is worthwhile for the understanding of advisable attitudes in personal hygienics. Teaching of hygienic means for the controlling of bodily functions should go hand in hand with the education in human biology. Nevertheless, the doctor who offers care for adolescent girls will always be confronted with certain typical(More)
Computer-based training may open fascinating new dimensions for learning. This statement is examplified by means of an innovative course on control charts. The teachware aims at improving the efficiency of statistical education at Universities or Polytechnic Schools as well as at supporting graduated statistical training on the job for people in the(More)
Sexual education of girls and guidance for their personal hygiene are closely related. In preventive checkups as well as in the course of each and every consultation, the physician has an opportunity to discuss reproductive health issues first with the mother and then with the daughter. As far as the hygiene of the reproductive organs is concerned, the(More)
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