Joachim Kruppa

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Several procedures were used to disassemble rat liver rough microsomes (RM) into ribosomal subunits, mRNA, and ribosome-stripped membrane vesicles in order to examine the nature of the association between the mRNA of bound polysomes and the microsomal membranes. The fate of the mRNA molecules after ribosome release was determined by measuring the amount of(More)
Proteomic analyses of the nucleolus have revealed almost 700 functionally diverse proteins implicated in ribosome biogenesis, nucleolar assembly, and regulation of vital cellular processes. However, this nucleolar inventory has not unveiled a specific consensus motif necessary for nucleolar binding. The ribosomal protein family characterized by their basic(More)
G1 and G2 are two forms of the membrane-integrated G protein of vesicular stomatitis virus that migrate differently in gel electrophoresis because G1 is modified by high-mannose and G2 by complex-type oligosaccharide side chains. The cytoplasmic domain in G1 is less exposed to cleavage by several proteases than in G2 molecules. Acylation by palmitic acid as(More)
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