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OBJECTIVE The purpose of our study was to investigate whether cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging can detect early myocardial tissue edema as a first step in the development of myocarditis. METHODS We examined 36 consecutive patients who were presented with symptoms of fatigue, weakness, and/or palpitations after respiratory tract infection but(More)
hospital 7 years ago for syncope. She had not been very well 2 weeks before and had noted palpitations and ankle edema. Her family doctor had diagnosed atrial fibrillation and had started a therapy with Verapamil 80 mg and Aspirin 100 mg once a day. Chronic hypotension was known. During a musical performance she had noted a diffuse epigastrial pain, feeling(More)
[11,12]. Thus, the antibiotics chosen and the duration of treatment have been brought up to explain the negative results. Few studies have focused on the treatment of acute infections as a strategy to prevent ACS. Undoubtedly, the recommendation of the use of antibiotic therapy for prevention of ACS is needed to be evaluated. In summary, our meta-analysis(More)
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