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We report that multi-stable perception operates in a consistent, dynamical regime, balancing the conflicting goals of stability and sensitivity. When a multi-stable visual display is viewed continuously, its phenomenal appearance reverses spontaneously at irregular intervals. We characterized the perceptual dynamics of individual observers in terms of four(More)
— Insects show a rich repertoire of goal-directed and adaptive behaviors that are still beyond the capabilities of today's artificial systems. Fast progress in our comprehension of the underlying neural computations make the insect a favorable model system for neurally inspired computing paradigms in autonomous robots. Here, we present a robotic platform(More)
Inaugural-Dissertation to obtain the academic degree Doctor rerum naturalium (Dr. rer. nat.) ii Acknowledgments I express my deep gratitude to my Ph.D adviser, Martin P. Nawrot. He is certainly the one that let me to experience and learn by his open manner and his creative philosophy. He supervises my work in an outstanding way and generously supported me,(More)
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