Joachim Hänsel

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2008 showed 6 aa substitutions in the envelope gene: V129I, L131Q, I170T, E203D, M340T, and I380V. Our results support the notion that aa positions at 129 and 131 in the envelope gene are critical genetic markers for phylogenetic classifi cation of DENV-2 (7–9). Notably, residue 131 in the envelope gene is located within a pH-dependent hinge region at the(More)
In safety-critical applications, the real-time behavior is crucial for the correctness of the overall system and must be tested thoroughly. However, the generation of test traces that cover most or all of the desired behavior of a real-time system is a difficult challenge. In this paper, we present an evolutionary algorithm that generates timed test traces,(More)
Soaring costs and an aging society originate the need for novel technologies in health care sector. Especially telemedicine and AAL systems are often promoted as such. Enabling patients to stay in their domestic environment while reducing costs due to hospital visits seems to be an evaluable opportunity on the one hand but introduces a lot of challenges,(More)
Model-Based Testing, the task of generating test inputs and oracles from a test model, has been successfully applied in the context of safety-critical real time systems. As these systems grow in complexity, test-models, designed to reflect the systems behaviour, will grow too. Currently testers face situations where test-models are too complex for present(More)
The mechanism of action of psychostimulant drugs in the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is still largely unknown, although recent evidence suggests one possibility is that the drugs affect the superior colliculus (SC). We have previously demonstrated that systemically administered d-amphetamine attenuates/abolishes visual responses to(More)
Dynamic Software Product Line (DSPLs) based Systems are capable of adapting inresponse to changes concerning their observations at runtime in order toexhibit appropriate behavior. The observation space and the variability in theconfiguration space is usually known at design time. However, running a set oftests with all combinations of configuration and(More)
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