Joachim Frohn

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During the last decade, various efforts have been undertaken to enhance the resolution of optical microscopes, mostly because of their importance in biological sciences. Herein, we describe a method to increase the resolution of fluorescence microscopy by illuminating the specimen with a mesh-like interference pattern of a laser source and electronic(More)
A method for increasing lateral as well as axial resolution in fluorescence microscopy is presented. A passband with a high cutoff frequency throughout reciprocal space can be achieved by illumination of the object with spatially harmonic excitation patterns generated by the interference of two collimated laser beams. Theoretical calculations show an almost(More)
When a head of state or minister signs a cultural exchange agreement with a colleague from another nation, a collective shudder goes up the spines of the conservators and curators of museums, and collections of art and cultural heritage in those respective countries. It is not that they are against cultural exchange. Far from it, the opportunity to share(More)
  • Joachim Frohn
  • AStA Wirtschafts- und Sozialstatistisches Archiv
  • 2011
The strong interrelation between economic and social aspects suggests the necessity to include social components into macroeconometric models. Neglecting these aspects will certainly lead to misspecification and consequently unreliabilities in prediction and policy evaluation. This could be the main reason for the minor role such models are today playing in(More)
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