Joachim F. Genrich

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Detailed geodetic imaging of earthquake ruptures enhances our understanding of earthquake physics and associated ground shaking. The 25 April 2015 moment magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Gorkha, Nepal was the first large continental megathrust rupture to have occurred beneath a high-rate (5-hertz) Global Positioning System (GPS) network. We used GPS and(More)
M. Béjar-Pizarro,1,2 D. Carrizo,1,3 A. Socquet,1 R. Armijo,1 S. Barrientos,3∗ F. Bondoux,4∗ S. Bonvalot,4∗ J. Campos,3∗ D. Comte,3∗ J. B. de Chabalier,1∗ O. Charade,5∗ A. Delorme,1∗ G. Gabalda,4∗ J. Galetzka,6∗ J. Genrich,6∗ A. Nercessian,1∗ M. Olcay,7∗ F. Ortega,6∗ I. Ortega,3∗ D. Remy,4∗ J. C. Ruegg,1∗ M. Simons,6∗ C. Valderas3∗ and C. Vigny8∗ 1Institut(More)
a California Institute of Technology, Department of Geology and Planetary Sciences, Pasadena, CA, USA b University of Cambridge, Department of Earth Sciences, Cambridge, UK c UNAVCO Inc., Boulder, CO, USA d Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, University of Nevada, Reno, NV, USA e Department of Mines and Geology, Kathmandu, Nepal f Nepal Academy of Science(More)
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