Joachim Denk

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This paper presents a systematic approach to generate walking primitive databases for anthropomorphic 3D–bipeds allowing step length adaptation, direction changes and stepping over obstacles. The individual walking primitives are derived by optimal control techniques. Zero moment point (ZMP) and friction conditions at the feet ensuring postural stability of(More)
Around two decades ago, active magnetic bearings (AMBs) were introduced into oil and gas applications but never gained any relevant market share in large turbomachinery drive trains. This paper discusses how standard drive technology from machine tool applications can be used to control AMB systems. As a proof of the concept, results of prototype testing(More)
Goal-oriented vision-guided biped locomotion requires a high degree of coordination between perception and walking. How to establish this coordination remains a fundamental and mrely studied problem in legged robotics. Some of OUT investigations into this field are outlined in this article b y presenting recent results in uision-guided biped locomotion. The(More)
In contrast to conventional drives, with direct drives the motor is not created until it is integrated into the machine. The mechanical and electrical subsystems are merged to form the mechatronic system by the velocity and position control loops. Since control parameters have a crucial influence on the behavior of the complete system, a main goal of this(More)
In the Oil & Gas industry, the primary bearing is an oil sleeve bearing. Around two decades ago, active magnetic bearings (AMB) were introduced into the market but they never gained a relevant market share in large turbo machinery. This paper discusses how standard drive technology can be successfully adapted to control AMB systems. Furthermore, results(More)
Two concepts for drive-integrated contactless energy transfer from the stator to the rotor of an electric motor are presented in this paper. Both drive systems offer the possibility of not only producing torque on the motor shaft, but also to power a rotating load. The power transfer is realized using the magnetic air gap fields. Problems inherent to(More)
Die Strahlenbelastung der Augenlinse bei radiologisch unterstützten endoskopischen Eingriffen kann zu einer strahleninduzierten Katarakterkrankung führen. Wir untersuchten deshalb in einem Phantommodell, welche Strahlenbelastung an den Augen des Operateurs bei ureterorenoskopischen Eingriffen auftreten kann. Wir untersuchten mittels Augendosimeter die(More)