Joachim Denk

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—This paper presents a systematic approach to generate walking primitive databases for anthropomorphic 3D–bipeds allowing step length adaptation, direction changes and stepping over obstacles. The individual walking primitives are derived by optimal control techniques. Zero moment point (ZMP) and friction conditions at the feet ensuring postural stability(More)
This paper presents a general method for generating walking primitives for anthropomorphic 3D–bipeds. Corresponding control torques allowing straight ahead walking with pre–swing, swing, and heel–contact are derived by dynamic optimization using a direct collo-cation approach. The computed torques minimize an energy based, mixed performance index. Zero(More)
10 has a reasonably large ␦ value , and its fluorescence quantum yield is low in comparison with 3, consistent with efficient intersystem crossing. Preliminary results indicate that 10 is a singlet O 2 sen-sitizer, which makes it a good candidate for cytotoxicity and photodynamic therapy studies in biological tissues (16). We suggest that ␲-conjugated(More)
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