Joachim D Paasche

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The effects of endothelin (ET) are mediated via the G protein-coupled receptors ET(A) and ET(B). However, the mechanisms of ET receptor desensitization, internalization, and intracellular trafficking are poorly understood. The aim of the present study was to investigate the molecular mechanisms of ET receptor regulation and to characterize the intracellular(More)
We recently reported that the endothelin (ET) receptor subtypes ET(A) and ET(B) are targeted to distinct intracellular destinations upon agonist stimulation (Bremnes, T., Paasche, J. D., Mehlum, A., Sandberg, C., Bremnes, B., and Attramadal, H. (2000) J. Biol. Chem. 275, 17596-17604). The ET(A) receptor was shown to follow the recycling route of(More)
We have previously reported that endocytic sorting of ET(A) endothelin receptors to the recycling pathway is dependent on a signal residing in the cytoplasmic carboxyl-terminal region. The aim of the present work was to characterize the carboxyl-terminal recycling motif of the ET(A) receptor. Assay of truncation mutants of the ET(A) receptor with increasing(More)
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