JoAnne Yong-Kwan Lim

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Higher-order chromosomal organization for transcription regulation is poorly understood in eukaryotes. Using genome-wide Chromatin Interaction Analysis with Paired-End-Tag sequencing (ChIA-PET), we mapped long-range chromatin interactions associated with RNA polymerase II in human cells and uncovered widespread promoter-centered intragenic, extragenic, and(More)
In multicellular organisms, transcription regulation is one of the central mechanisms modelling lineage differentiation and cell-fate determination. Transcription requires dynamic chromatin configurations between promoters and their corresponding distal regulatory elements. It is believed that their communication occurs within large discrete foci of(More)
Chromatin interactions play important roles in transcription regulation. To better understand the underlying evolutionary and functional constraints of these interactions, we implemented a systems approach to examine RNA polymerase-II-associated chromatin interactions in human cells. We found that 40% of the total genomic elements involved in chromatin(More)
The rapid development of sequencing technologies has provided access to environments that were either once thought inhospitable to life altogether or that contain too few cells to be analyzed using genomics approaches. While 16S rRNA gene microbial community sequencing has revolutionized our understanding of community composition and diversity over time and(More)
This study examined the impact of media (face-to-face versus computer-mediated communication) on the process of leadership emergence by females and males. Specifically, we adapted the literature associated with impression management to investigate whether there are any differences in terms of two key impression management behaviorsself-promotion and(More)
We conducted a semester-long study that examined the influence of emergent leaders' behaviors on followers' behaviors in high- and low-performing teams over time. Our results indicated that in high-performing teams, followers engaged in greater adaptive, goal and stability behaviors solely as a function of time. Neither the virtualness nor the behaviors of(More)
This paper describes a theoretical model that articulates how members of virtual teams engage in various impression management behaviors to influence their peers' assessment of them as leaders. Given that previous research has indicated that men and women engage in different impression management behaviors and that settings differ with respect to the degree(More)
Alga-derived lipids represent an attractive potential source of biofuels. However, lipid accumulation in algae is a stress response tightly coupled to growth arrest, thereby imposing a major limitation on productivity. To identify transcriptional regulators of lipid accumulation, we performed an integrative chromatin signature and transcriptomic analysis to(More)
This study expands on the current body of research examining technology-supported groups, individual creativity, and group diversity. By incorporating each of these elements into the experimental design, our objective was to determine how technology can best be leveraged to promote group creativity. We argue that diverse groups who are visually anonymous –(More)
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