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Transverse tubule (TT) membranes isolated from chicken skeletal muscle possess a very active magnesium-stimulated ATPase (Mg-ATPase) activity. The Mg-ATPase has been tentatively identified as a 102-kD concanavalin A (Con A)-binding glycoprotein comprising 80% of the integral membrane protein (Okamoto, V.R., 1985, Arch. Biochem. Biophys., 237:43-54). To(More)
Pemphigus is a human disease that causes extensive blistering of the skin. This blistering is related to a loss of epidermal cell cohesion and is accompanied by circulating autoantibodies that stain epidermal cell surfaces, as shown by immunofluorescence microscopy. One of the major components involved in epidermal cell cohesion is the desmosome. The(More)
Prof. M. Eden Prof. W. T. Peaket Prof. R. R. Pfeifferf Prof. W. A. Rosenblith Prof. W. M. Siebert Prof. T. F. Weisst Dr. J. S. Barlow$ Dr. A. W. B. Cunningham** Dr. E. Gibermantt Dr. R. D. Hall Dr. N. Y-s. Kiangt Dr. R. R. Rojas Dr. W. Simon$t Dr. Eda B. Vidale J. A. Anderson JoAnn Arnn R. M. Brownt S. K. Burns R. R. Capranica R. J. Clayton A. H. Cristt N.(More)
Patients are people as well as potential problems. Increasing our awareness of patients' lifestyle preferences, as well as developing more productive ways to interact with them, can promote growth along with recovery. The very least it can do is to facilitate working with patients and reduce the negative impact of stress of conflict in a very demanding(More)
Everyone influences and is influenced by others. Are you satisfied with the impact your influence has on others? If not, it can be changed by examining and working on the dimensions of your "style of influence," such as activity, visibility, involvement, and productivity. The author analyzes some of the opposites on a spectrum or "wheel of influence,"(More)
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