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Effects of different initial eye positions on saccades evoked by electrical stimulation of the superior colliculus (SC) were investigated in alert monkeys with the head restrained. The dependence of saccade vector on initial eye position was studied quantitatively by multiple regression analysis. Following stimulation at 240 of 367 sites in the SC, saccade(More)
Several cases of poisoning resulting in human fatalities and stemming from the ingestion of coral reef crabs have been reported from the Indo-Pacific region. We assessed the toxicity of the unidentified xanthid crab collected from the Camotes Sea off the eastern coast of Cebu Island, central Visayas region of Philippines from the food hygienic point of(More)
This study describes the stereo structure of human lingual papillae along lifespan with particular emphasis to ageing. The following results were obtained. Numerous slender protrusions extend from the basal column of each filiform papilla of young human tongues and decrease in number with age. Many cases having an entirely flat area on the surface of the(More)
The external morphology of the papillae linguales (papillae filiformes, papillae fungiformes and papillae vallatae) and their connective tissue cores (CTCs) of the greater Japanese shrew-mole (Urotrichus talpoides) were analysed by optical and scanning electron microscopy. Papillae filiformes were distributed over the dorsal surface of the apex linguae, and(More)
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