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This contribution outlines different issues concerning the assessment of problem-solving skills within the field of economics and business administration. It presents and discusses the case of an assessment instrument developed and implemented in the Maastricht School of Economics and Business Administration. The analysis of authentic problems is at the(More)
—This paper presents a reconfigurable platform for the real-time digital emulation of broadband copper access networks. The instrument, which uses hard real-time digital-signal-processing techniques on Xilinx Virtex II field-programmable gate arrays, is capable of accurately reproducing the physical layer of a digital subscriber line (DSL). The magnitude(More)
Many electrical instruments are provided with Internet connection, which is mostly used for non-real time operation, e.g. file transferring. However, the real-time controlling and/or monitoring are getting more and more attention nowadays. In this paper, a Web-based embedded control platform (WECP) that is used for real-time operation is depicted. This(More)
In this paper, an efficient and area optimized infinite impulse response (IIR) filter realization in field programmable gate arrays is proposed. The realized IIR filter emulates the frequency dependent magnitude and phase characteristic of a transmission line or data transmission cable of variable length. Because of the real time nature of the emulation(More)
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