Jo M Longman

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OBJECTIVES This paper aimed to explore the association between rurality and (1) household smoking status and (2) home second-hand smoke exposure, in households with children aged 0-14 years. DESIGN Cross-sectional study. SETTING Households across Australia. PARTICIPANTS Households across the country were randomly selected to provide a nationally(More)
OBJECTIVE To thematically synthesise primary qualitative studies of the barriers, motivators and enablers of smoke-free homes (SFHs). DESIGN Systematic review and thematic synthesis. DATA SOURCES Searches of MEDLINE, EBM Reviews (Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews), PsycINFO, Global Health, CINAHL, Web of Science, Informit and EMBASE, combining(More)
Paediatric B-precursor ALL is a highly curable disease, however, treatment resistance in some patients and the long-term toxic effects of current therapies pose the need for more targeted therapeutic approaches. We addressed the cytotoxic effect of JQ1, a highly selective inhibitor against the transcriptional regulators, bromodomain and extra-terminal (BET)(More)
INTRODUCTION The aims of this study were to explore home smoking behaviors and the motivators and barriers to smoke-free homes among a group of disadvantaged caregivers for young children and to identify the positive levers that health care professionals can utilize when supporting smoking behavior change. METHODS In-depth qualitative interviews were(More)
BACKGROUND Frequent and potentially avoidable hospital admission amongst older patients with ambulatory care sensitive (ACS) chronic conditions is a major topic for research internationally, driven by the imperative to understand and therefore reduce hospital admissions. Research to date has mostly focused on analysis of routine data using ACS as a proxy(More)
BACKGROUND Research on frequent or avoidable hospital admission has not focussed on the perspectives of service providers or rural settings. The link between social isolation and admission is not well explored, although social isolation is known to have negative health effects. OBJECTIVE This paper reports further analysis from a study investigating(More)
BACKGROUND The continued increase in hospital admissions is a significant and complex issue facing health services. There is little research exploring patient perspectives or examining individual admissions among patients with frequent admissions for chronic ambulatory care sensitive (ACS) conditions. This paper aims to describe characteristics of older,(More)
This paper is an empirically informed opinion piece revisiting an argument published in Midwifery 10 years ago, that the increasing professionalisation of breast feeding was not supporting women in Australia in sustaining breast feeding. We present the last 10 years of primary research on the topic, explore major policy initiatives and the establishment and(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper articulates the importance of accurately identifying maternity services. It describes the process and challenges of identifying the number, level and networks of rural and remote maternity services in public hospitals serving communities of between 1000 and 25000 people across Australia, and presents the findings of this process. (More)
BACKGROUND Potentially preventable hospital admission (an admission deemed to be potentially preventable given appropriate care in the community-based healthcare setting) has been a topic of international research attention for almost three decades. Recently this has been largely driven by the imperative to reduce ever-increasing unplanned hospital(More)