Jo-Fan Wang

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This study reported the 15,435 bp-long complete mitochondrial genome of the relict Epiophlebia superstes (Odonata, Epiophlebiidae), an enigmatic dragonfly of the paraphyletic 'Anisozygoptera' possessing characteristics similar to members of both extant odonate suborders, the Zygoptera and the Anisoptera. This mitogenome comprises the common set of 37 genes(More)
This study determined the first complete mitochondrial genome of a demoiselle, Vestalis melania (Odonata, Zygoptera, Calopterygidae) using long-range PCR and a primer walking approach. This mitogenome is 16,685 bp long and contains the entire set of 37 genes and an A + T-rich control region typically found in insects. Presently, this mitogenome is the(More)
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