Jo Ellen Perry

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Over the last decade there has been potential for manual therapists to extend their roles and develop their careers. In order to explore the career pathways of a group of postgraduate manual therapists and to identify the influence of Master's education on those careers, a postal questionnaire was sent to all graduates from a clinically based programme(More)
Joint mobilisation to the T4 vertebra has been advocated as a treatment for T4 syndrome. To date no controlled studies have investigated the effects of thoracic spinal manual therapy (SMT) applied to T4 on sympathetic activity in the hands. This study investigated whether a grade III postero-anterior rotatory joint mobilisation technique applied to the T4(More)
This study aimed to explore the professional and personal impact that a clinical Masters program of manipulative therapy education had on the lives of individuals who had undertaken the course and was a follow-on study of participants' career pathways following Masters education (Green et al., 2008). Seven graduates from the program took part in a focus(More)
Physiotherapeutic management of lumbar disorders often utilises specific segmental joint mobilisation techniques; however, there is only limited evidence of any neurophysiological effects and much of this has focused on the cervical spine and upper limbs. This study aims to extend the knowledge base underpinning the use of a unilaterally applied lumbar(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of a manual mobilization technique on indirect measures of sympathetic nervous system activity. METHODS Forty-five healthy volunteers participated in this randomized, single-blinded, parallel-group 3-arm design (experimental, sham [placebo], and control group), comprising 15 subjects each.(More)
Manual therapy (MT) and exercise therapy techniques are commonly utilised, guideline recommended treatment strategies in the management of non-specific low back pain (LBP). Preliminary evidence on asymptomatic participants indicates that two manual therapy techniques; repeated lumbar extension in lying exercise (EIL); and segmental rotational grade V(More)
The hamstring muscles are regularly implicated in recurrent injuries, movement dysfunction and low back pain. Links between limited flexibility and development of neuromusculoskeletal symptoms are frequently reported. The Bowen Technique is used to treat many conditions including lack of flexibility. The study set out to investigate the effect of the Bowen(More)
We present some ideas here about prose reading comprehension tests, with analogies to program reading exercises, and suggest the potential usefulness of a standardized, nationwide program reading comprehension test as a means to assess on a comparative basis individual and department-wide progress through the computer science curriculum. We conclude with a(More)
Thirty teams competed last February in the Seventeenth Annual ACM Scholastic Programming Contes t Finals sponsored by AT&T EasyLink Services . The Contest Finals occurred in conjunction with the annual ACM Computer Science Conference in Kansas City . Twenty-two teams were from the U .S . International participants included teams from Canada, Australia, New(More)