Jo C. Ebergen

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This thesis proposes process spaces, a simple and uni ed treatment for concurrency issues such as parallel composition, re nement, deadlock, livelock, and starvation. Processes are modeled as contracts over which executions may occur. The main innovation is that executions are abstract; this leads to a very general model. For trace-based executions, process(More)
One of the most frequently used primitives in asynchronous control circuits is the C-element. The three most popular CMOS implementations of the C-element are compared with respect to energy-e ciency, delay, and area, with an emphasis on energy. The three implementations have been introduced by Sutherland, Martin, and Van Berkel. We show that in a typical(More)
We introduce a simple model for calculating transistor sizes of an asynchronous control circuit. The model builds on the theory of Logical Effort and relates transistor sizes to the speed and energy consumption of a circuit. We show how to calculate transistor sizes quickly, how to calculate the speed limit of a circuit, and how to compare circuits in terms(More)