Jo Borrill

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Despite considerable research into the effects of alcohol on behaviour, there appears to be little information available about the influence of alcohol on interpersonal judgement. An experiment was carried out to test the hypothesis that alcohol would affect subjects' ability to judge facial expressions of emotion. Thirty male and 30 female normal social(More)
The chronic fatigue syndrome is a disabling chronic condition of uncertain cause. Previous studies have found that patients seen in hospital clinics with the syndrome often strongly believe that their illness is physical in nature and minimize the role of psychological and social factors. There is also evidence that patients cope by avoiding activity.(More)
This paper presents a systematic review of the literature concerning the relationship between alexithymia and self-harm. Fifteen studies were selected following a systematic search of relevant databases. Results indicate significantly higher levels of alexithymia in women who self-harm compared with women who do not self-harm. Studies of men were less(More)
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