Jo-Anne M. Maire

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PURPOSE To compare the effect of two learning opportunities, clinician feedback and video self-assessment, on 5th-year chiropractic students' patient communication skills, specifically those required for history taking. METHODS A cohort of 51 final-year students was divided into two groups. The first group received immediate feedback from a clinical(More)
6. At the beginning of this clinical audit (prior to educational intervention), most practitioners used: a. a visual analogue scale to measure their patients’ pain severity b. a pain drawing to assess their patients’ site of pain c. functional rating scales to assess disability d. a patient history and physical examination to assess their patients’ site of(More)
BACKGROUND Objective outcome measures reflecting the level of effectiveness of care is a clinical imperative for practitioners dealing with neck and back pain. It is widely recognised that there is no relationship between physical pathology, pain and disability. Traditional measures of function such as range of motion and strength, on their own, are no(More)
Four repeat structured seminars were run with groups of fifteen students two weeks after the students returned from India. Each group was comprised of students who participated in the overseas clinical placement and students in the same cohort who remained in their clinical placement in Australia. The seminar was designed to allow the students who(More)
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