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There is an urgent need for model programs to effectively manage fall risk in nursing homes. Such programs should use best practices and quality improvement (QI) methodology in a manner that is practical for sustained implementation in the current resource-constrained long-term care environment. The Falls Management Program (FMP) represents 13 years of(More)
BACKGROUND Fall-related injuries, a major public health problem in long-term care, may be reduced by interventions that improve safety practices. Previous studies have shown that safety practice interventions can reduce falls; however, in long-term care these have relied heavily on external funding and staff. The aim of this study was to test whether a(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of a falls management program (FMP) for nursing homes (NHs). DESIGN A quality improvement project with data collection throughout FMP implementation. SETTING NHs in Georgia owned and operated by a single nonprofit organization. PARTICIPANTS All residents of participating NHs. INTERVENTION A(More)
OBJECTIVES This research explored perceived barriers to job performance among a national sample of nursing assistants (NAs). Specific objectives were (1) to clarify which of the problems identified by previous research are most troublesome for NAs, (2) to develop a reliable quantitative measure of perceived barriers to job performance, and (3) to test(More)
Although several clinical studies have demonstrated success in reducing falls among nursing home residents, the degree of adherence to these strategies varies widely among studies and facilities, especially following the removal of external consultants or advance practice nurses (APNs). This article identified contextual factors that challenged the(More)
PURPOSE Data from incident-reporting systems have been used successfully in disciplines other than health care to improve safety. This study tested the effect of a falls menu-driven incident-reporting system (MDIRS) on quality-improvement efforts in nursing homes. DESIGN AND METHODS Following instrument development and testing, the intervention occurred(More)
Acknowledgments We gratefully acknowledge the expert advice of the invaluable work of Walton Harris in preparing the program materials. The Falls Management Program builds upon the previous work of Dr. Wayne Ray and colleagues at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. Several components of the program and illustrations in this publication are used(More)