Joško Kaliterna

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Grapevine trunk diseases (GTD) have a variety of symptoms and causes. The latter include fungal species from the family Diaporthaceae. The aim of our study was to determine Diaporthaceae species present in the woody parts of grapevines sampled from 12 vine-growing coastal and continental areas of Croatia. The fungi were isolated from diseased wood, and(More)
Green mould disease, caused by Trichoderma species, is a severe problem for mushroom growers worldwide, including Croatia. Trichoderma strains were isolated from green mould-affected Agaricus bisporus (button or common mushroom) compost and Pleurotus ostreatus (oyster mushroom) substrate samples collected from Croatian mushroom farms. The causal agents of(More)
In the period 2007-2012, the occurrence of phytopathogenic fungi on native plant species in natural ecosystems and urban environments was investigated in different locations of Croatia (national parks, nature parks etc.). Identification of fungal plant pathogenic species was performed on the basis of morphological charactericsof their spore-bearing(More)
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