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The impact of treatment of central precocious puberty (CPP) with GnRH agonists on final statural height (FH) remains controversial, and guidelines on the optimal time point for interruption of these treatments have not been established. We analyzed the long term results of 58 girls and 8 boys uniformly treated with triptorelin slow release formulation(More)
The pharmacodynamics and the pharmacokinetic characteristics of a new longer-acting formulation containing 11.25 mg of triptorelin (Decapeptyl) to be administered every 3 months were evaluated in 14 patients with advanced prostate carcinoma. After one single injection, the mean time to reach the surgical castration testosterone range is 22 days, and this(More)
BACKGROUND Somatostatin analogues effectively control flushing and diarrhoea in patients with the carcinoid syndrome. The octapeptide lanreotide is available in slow release form, which could eliminate the necessity of twice a day injections as with octreotide. PATIENTS AND METHODS 39 patients with carcinoid syndrome were included in a prospective(More)
OBJECTIVE Somatostatin analogs are the first-line drugs for controlling hormone-mediated symptoms of carcinoid tumors. Prospective and retrospective studies have suggested that somatostatin analogs also have antiproliferative activity. The octapeptide lanreotide is available in sustained-release form, obviating the need for daily injections. METHODS A(More)
BACKGROUND The somatostatin analogues lanreotide and octreotide have previously been shown to be effective in controlling flushing and diarrhea in patients with carcinoid syndrome. As lanreotide requires injection only every 10 days, compared with twice-daily injections of octreotide, a direct comparison between these two treatments in terms of patient(More)
OBJECTIVE Continuous intravenous infusion of somatostatin improves the natural course of digestive fistulae. Lanreotide 30 mg PR is a synthetic analogue of somatostatin with pharmacological activity extending to at least 10 days after intramuscular administration. Its effectiveness was assessed in patients with simple externalized digestive fistulae in a(More)
BACKGROUND An essential criterion for control of acromegaly is normalization of IGF-I levels. Somatostatin analogues act to suppress IGF-I and GH levels. OBJECTIVE To assess the efficacy and safety of 48 weeks titrated dosing of lanreotide Autogel. DESIGN Open-label, multicentre, phase III, 48-week trial. METHODS Patients with active acromegaly (IGF-I(More)
Somatostatin analogs have been shown to be effective for the treatment of TSH-secreting pituitary adenomas. However, their use in this indication is limited by the fact that available analogs require several daily sc injections. The present study was performed to evaluate the effects of a slow release formulation of the somatostatin analog lanreotide (SR-L)(More)
BACKGROUND Early identification of the biological activity of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) paved the way for the synthesis of analogues with enhanced potency and biological properties. Early testing in animal models and humans provided insight into the potential clinical uses of these substances, and, within 10 years, LHRH-agonist therapy(More)
OBJECTIVE Depot GnRH agonists are commonly used in the treatment of central precocious puberty (CPP). The triptorelin 11.25 mg 3-month depot, currently used in adult indications, had not previously been evaluated in CPP. DESIGN This was a multicenter, open-label, 12 month trial conducted in 64 CPP children (54 girls and 10 boys), treated quarterly. (More)