Joëlle B Texereau

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Sampling arterialized earlobe blood is thought to be easier and less painful than direct arterial puncture, and to allow measurement of blood gas values during exercise without the need to insert an(More)
BACKGROUND The bench experiments presented herein were conducted in order to investigate the influence of carrier gas, either medical air or a helium-oxygen mixture (78% He, 22% O2), on the droplet(More)
BACKGROUND Inhalation of helium-oxygen (He/O2) mixtures has been explored as a means to lower the work of breathing of patients with obstructive lung disease. Non-invasive ventilation (NIV) with(More)
BACKGROUND Expiratory time constants are used to quantify emptying of the lung as a whole, and emptying of individual lung compartments. Breathing low-density helium/oxygen mixtures may modify(More)