Joël Cosson

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Agar, floridean starch, protein, ash and water content in Gelidium latifolium from nature were followed monthly over one year. Comparison of variations in these contents, algal growth and cytological observations enable us to establish a cycle for agar synthesis. In autumn, after reproduction of alga, there is an active algal growth period with agar(More)
The objective of this paper is to characterize some of the sperm motility parameters in European hake (Merluccius merluccius), which is considered to be a species with aquaculture potential. The total ATP, ADP and AMP concentrations were determined using high-performance liquid chromatography on hake sperm samples collected during the winter-early spring in(More)
Study of the seasonal variation in the quality and content of iota carrageenan inCalliblepharis jubata from the Normandy coast of France shows that seasonal fluctuation of the environment affects the growth and chemical composition of this red alga. Growth increases during winter, when there is little synthesis of carrageenan and floridean starch is(More)
Carrageenans extracted under alkaline conditions were studied in some Rhodophyceae from the Normandy coast. Among these, four species yielding iota-carrageenan were studied throughout a whole year: Calliblepharis ciliata, Calliblepharis jubata, Cystoclonium purpureum and Gymnogongrus crenulatus. Carrageenan content varied with season, being maximal at the(More)
A continuous micropropagation was established from protoplasts of thegreen alga Enteromorpha intestinalis. The effects of two differentcrude enzymes and the osmolarity at different concentrations of the enzymesolution on algal protoplast yields were tested. The optimal enzymecomposition for cell wall digestion and protoplast viability was 2%cellulase R 10(More)
The phycocolloids of female gametophytes ofGigartina teedii (Roth) Lamouroux harvested in Roscoff (Brittany, France) are a hybrid carrageenan resulting from juxtaposition of fragments of kappa-, iota-and nu-carrageenan. They represent 70% of the dry matter of the alga in summer. After alkaline transformation the proportion of iota-carrageenan increased to(More)
This work assesses the present knowledge on Pacific oyster sperm biology in comparison to two marine fish species (turbot and seabass) whose sperm characteristics are well described. Sperm morphology mainly differs by the presence of an acrosome in Pacific oyster which is absent in both fish species. In turbot as in Pacific oyster, a sperm ‘maturation(More)
On Normandy coasts, the red alga Delesseria sanguinea perennates by its stipe; fronds grow in January and disappear in June. Seasonal variations in sterol composition in relation to the biology of D. sanguinea are reported. Sterols in cellular membranes are free or conjugated by esterification with fatty acids, heterosides or lipid complexes like(More)
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