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In power electronic applications, diamond based semi-conductors appears to be a new way to widely increase the capabilities of power electronic converters. The main prospective expected is an increasing in system integration and power capabilities. The Diamonix project concerns the elaboration of a single-crystal diamond substrate with electronic quality(More)
Amorphous aluminium oxide coatings were processed by metalorganic chemical vapour deposition (MOCVD); their structural characteristics were determined as a function of the processing conditions, the process was modelled considering appropriate chemical kinetic schemes, and the properties of the obtained material were investigated and were correlated with(More)
Keywords: Power electronics High temperature Shear Creep Nano-indentation Hardening a b s t r a c t An experimental investigation of two potential candidate materials for the diamond die attachment is presented in this framework. These efforts are motivated by the need of developing a power electronic packaging for the diamond chip. The performance of the(More)
The ball-burnishing process is done firstly, to improve the surface finish of workpieces that have been previously machined and secondly, to obtain a harder surface with a compressive residual stress map. In this way we will obtain a surface that is more resistant to wear and fatigue. In this paper we present results of tests performed with this process(More)
Vibration-induced solder joint fatigue is a main reliability concern for aerospace and military industries whose electronic equipment used in the field is required to remain functional under harsh loadings. Due to the RoHS directive which eventually will prevent lead from being utilized in electronic systems, there is a need for a better understanding of(More)
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