João Varajão

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In this paper, we present a two-step approach for modelling controlled flexibility in software processes: (1) senior process engineers express which, where and how changes can be applied onto process elements, (2) other process participants can easily identify which changes they are allowed to perform, and act accordingly. To support this, we propose a(More)
Over the past few decades, information systems and technologies have taken on a wide variety of roles within organizations, ranging from operational support to the strategic support of the company. Therefore, there have been significant changes in the motives for their adoption that are vital to understand to guarantee that investment is properly managed.(More)
Original scientific paper Project success is highly dependent on the project management process, and there are several aspects that need to be carefully considered. This article aims at responding to the research question: are there similarities in different industries in what concerns the critical aspects for the success of project management? Throughout a(More)