João V. Siqueira

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Concerted political attention has focused on reducing deforestation, and this remains the cornerstone of most biodiversity conservation strategies. However, maintaining forest cover may not reduce anthropogenic forest disturbances, which are rarely considered in conservation programmes. These disturbances occur both within forests, including selective(More)
Science has a critical role to play in guiding more sustainable development trajectories. Here, we present the Sustainable Amazon Network (Rede Amazônia Sustentável, RAS): a multidisciplinary research initiative involving more than 30 partner organizations working to assess both social and ecological dimensions of land-use sustainability in eastern(More)
Forest degradation in the Brazilian Amazon due to selective logging and forest fires may greatly increase the human footprint beyond outright deforestation. We demonstrate a method to quantify annual deforestation and degradation simultaneously across the entire region for the years 2000–2010 using high-resolution Landsat satellite imagery. Combining(More)
368 2013 Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B Zuanon Carlo Stulpen Veiga, Adriano Venturieri, Cecília Viana, Diana Weinhold, Ronald Zanetti and Jansen Tancredi, James R. Thomson, Patrícia Carignano Torres, Fernando Zagury Vaz-de-Mello, Ruan João Victor Siqueira, Teotônio Soares de Carvalho, Ricardo R. C. Solar, Nicola Savério Holanda Regina Célia Viana Martins da Silva,(More)
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