João Subtil

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OBJECTIVE Investigation of the potential role of several laryngopharyngeal reflux contents in sinus disease. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING A controlled cohort analysis of Helicobacter pylori, pepsin and pepsinogen I in inflamed and non-inflamed sinonasal tissue. Fifteen patients, selected for surgery due to chronic medically refractory rhinosinusitis, had(More)
Persistent isolated inflammation of the sphenoid sinus, an entity that is not diagnosed very often, poses a challenge to clinicians and researchers alike. Its features tend to suggest that its etiopathogenesis is different from that of more common forms of chronic rhinosinusitis. We report the case of a 54-year-old woman who had a history of distressing(More)
2014 Accurate solid xenon reflectance measurements in the energy range 6.2-10.8 eV are reported. The solid, confined in a closed cell (MgF2 prismatic window), has been studied in the temperature range 80-160 K. The detailed, reliable results allowed the clear observation of the n = 4[0393(3/2)] term of the excitonic series; its evolution was followed up to(More)
INTRODUCTION Olfaction is frequently affected in chronic rhino-sinusitis with polyposis and has been recognised to have important impact on quality of life. Surgical resolution on cases of maximal medical therapy failure is an option to relieve symptoms, with debates as to how extensive surgery should be. A more radical approach will achieve better disease(More)
INTRODUCTION Myringotomy for tube insertion is the most common otologic surgery. Otorrhea is a frequent complication of this procedure and, to prevent it, most surgeons strongly recommend avoiding contact with water as this is thought to adversely impact on post-operative quality of life. OBJECTIVE To understand the benefit of this recommendation. (More)
A complete vacuum UV spectrophotometric device, including the source and a computerized data acquisition system, for both reflectance and transmittance measurements in the 105-200-nm wavelength range is described. The apparatus is suitable for various experimental situations such as measurements in the -200 to +100 degrees C temperature range for gases,(More)
Adenoids play a key role in both respiratory and ear infection in children. It has also been shown that adenoidectomy improves these symptoms in this population. The main goal of the present study was to evaluate adenoid bacterial colonization and document a possible relation with infectious respiratory disease. A prospective observational study was(More)
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