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The large charging times required by conventional batteries constitute an important limitation in many applications. The use of ultracapacitors as energy storage elements allows substantially faster charging. This paper presents a power supply system developed in order to validate the possibility of providing a mobile robot platform with an electrical(More)
The smallest charging times required by fully discharged conventional batteries are some tens of minutes. This is an important limitation for mobile robot platforms. A previous paper already validated the possibility of integrating ultracapacitors and batteries in the same system. However, it has some significant limitations: 1) It works with an(More)
Devices for wrist rehabilitation must be able to make movements of the wrist quirky and complex. Powerball® is such a market existing device that can be used for wrist rehabilitation and also as a sports aid for strengthening the wrist. The operation of Powerball® is based on the gyroscope principle. While the gyroscope is spinning, the movement of the(More)
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