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This paper describes and discusses some of the clinical applications of the posterior interosseous forearm flap in hand reconstruction, including the fact that larger areas of skin than previously reported can be used safely. It is based on a series of 21 patients, 50 anatomical dissections and 10 injection studies.
Bone mass distribution and structure are dependent on mechanical stress and adaptive response at cellular and tissue levels. Mechanical stimulation of bone induces new bone formation in vivo and increases the metabolic activity and gene expression of osteoblasts in culture. A wide variety of devices have been tested for mechanical stimulation of cells and(More)
The incidence and cause of burns in Portugal are unknown. The present study seeks to collect these data as a basis for future studies in prevention and development of treatment regimes. The data used in this work was obtained from the registries existing in The Direcção Geral de Saúde (General Health Administration) and relates to burn patients admitted to(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the frequency of mixed states in patients diagnosed with major depressive episode (MDE) according to conceptually different definitions and to compare their clinical validity. METHOD This multicenter, multinational cross-sectional Bipolar Disorders: Improving Diagnosis, Guidance and Education (BRIDGE)-II-MIX study enrolled 2,811(More)
Endoluminal reconstruction with flow diverter devices represents an innovative technique in the treatment of intracranial aneurysms.These new stents, self-expandable and of low porosity, are released through the microcatherization of the parent artery. The main goal of these systems is thereby rebuilding the vessel wall and excluding the aneurysmal(More)
Cerebral Venous Thrombosis is a disease not fully understood regarding its pathophysiology, natural course and prognosis. The therapeutics is not consensual. However it has been normally used anticoagulants plus thrombolysis or anticoagulation alone. The authors report the successful lysis of dural sinus thrombosis by mechanical and chemical (rt-PA)(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS In spite of the new technology--stapler, antibiotics, anesthesia and new surgical and diagnostic procedures--the prognosis on treatment of cancer of the rectum has not changed in the last 50 years. Survival rates of 50-55% seems immutable in all published series. The main course for those results is the high incidence of recurrence, either(More)
Understanding the environmental responses of an invasive species is critical in predicting how ecosystem composition may be transformed in the future, especially under climate change. In this study, Crassostrea gigas, a species well adapted to the highly variable intertidal environment, was exposed to the chronic environmental challenges of temperature (19(More)