João Radvany

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Machado-Joseph disease (MJD) is associated with the expansion of a CAG trinucleotide repeat in a novel gene on 14q32.1. We confirmed the presence of this expansion in 156 MJD patients from 33 families of different geographic origins: 15 Portuguese Azorean, 2 Brazilian, and 16 North American of Portuguese Azorean descent. Normal chromosomes contain between(More)
Meditation is a mental training, which involves attention and the ability to maintain focus on a particular object. In this study we have applied a specific attentional task to simply measure the performance of the participants with different levels of meditation experience, rather than evaluating meditation practice per se or task performance during(More)
FOR MANY CENTURIES, Asian philosophers have affirmed that there are different states of awareness to be developed through meditation. Meditation results in changes in cognition, sensory perception, affect, hormones, and autonomic activity. Until today, there have been very few imaging studies of the neural correlates of meditation. Most of them study the(More)
At the moment 9 seemingly independent families with the clinical diagnosis of MJD are known in Brazil. The largest family tree of Azorean ancestry contains 622 individuals in 9 generations. 236 were examined, 39 found to be affected by two examiners. Phenotypes I, II and III were expressed by 12, 23 and 4 patients with age of onset by phenotypes being(More)
BACKGROUND Machado-Joseph disease (MJD) is a type of autosomal dominant spinocerebellar ataxia for which molecular diagnosis is available. We identified 4 families segregating the MJD mutation in which no unequivocal clinical diagnosis could be established prior to molecular testing. Ethnic background, clinical, and molecular characteristics of 19(More)
A case register of multiple sclerosis (MS) was set up in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, situated at a latitude of 23-24 degrees south. Cases were notified by neurologists, neuroradiologists and by an association of patients with MS. Prevalence rate was 4.27 x 10(-5) (men: 2.89 x 10(-5); women: 5.59 x 10(-5)), with a preponderance of young adults. We discuss(More)
Multivariate pattern recognition approaches have become a prominent tool in neuroimaging data analysis. These methods enable the classification of groups of participants (e.g. controls and patients) on the basis of subtly different patterns across the whole brain. This study demonstrates that these methods can be used, in combination with automated(More)
A case of primary central nervous system lymphoma is presented with characteristics shown by computed tomography (CT) closely resembling those of the only other case reported in the literature. The combination of the arteriographic and CT appearances suggests the diagnosis of this radiosensitive group of tumors.
Machado-Joseph disease is an autosomal dominant inherited disorder of Azorean ancestry firstly described in 1972. Since then, several Brazilian researchers have studied clinical and genetic issues related to the disease. Nowadays, Machado-Joseph disease is considered the most common spinocerebellar ataxia worldwide. Machado-Joseph disease still has no(More)