João Paulo Hespanha

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—We consider the problem of synchronizing a group of oscillators coupled by a network that is modelled by a multiple-input/multiple-output dynamical system. We provide results that can be used to establish asymptotic synchronization of a given system and also to construct feedback oscillators for which synchronization is guaranteed. These results are based(More)
iii to my family iv Acknowledgements This dissertation would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of several people. First and foremost, I express my most sincere gratitude towards my advisor, Prof Francesco Bullo, for his exceptional mentor-ship, constant encouragement, impeccable support, and the complete liberty, he granted me(More)
Electric energy is critical for our technological civilization Purpose of electric power grid: generate/transmit/distribute complex, cyber-physical, & " smart " ⇒ smart grid keywords ⇒ research themes: " understanding & taming complexity " control monitoring optimization complex multi-scale nonlinear distributed comp & comm decentralized physics & dynamics(More)
— The paper considers the control of neuromuscular blockade (NMB) induced by atracurium on patients subject to general surgery. The high levels of uncertainty in the process model are tackled with supervised multi-model adaptive control, for which an innovative supervisor based on least squares estimation is presented to deal with constant unknown offsets(More)
SUMMARY Following recent worldwide developments and initiatives by FIG (Cadastre 2014) and UN, an object oriented, conceptual model for the Cadastral Domain, adapted to Portuguese Cadastre and related Real Estate Register is presented, based on a previously proposed standard. After a brief description of present Cadastral and Land Registration situation in(More)
control for distributed beamforming in sensor networks," in Proc. IEEE Intl. A QoS framework for stabilized collision channels with multiuser detection," Proc. We consider the use of distributed beamforming to improve the energy efficiency and transmission range of wireless networks. Under distributed beamform-ing, a number of wireless transmitters(More)
—We consider the synchronization of power supplies in an isolated grid with multiple small-to-medium power sources. We show how to achieve a coordinated or synchronized behavior by imposing suitable dynamical behaviors to the controlled converters that interface each power source with the local power bus, without any explicit exchange of information among(More)