João Paulo Coelho Marques

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Calcium imaging with cellular resolution typically requires an animal to be tethered under a microscope, which substantially restricts the range of behaviors that can be studied. To expand the behavioral repertoire amenable to imaging, we have developed a tracking microscope that enables whole-brain calcium imaging with cellular resolution in freely(More)
The resulting noncovalent bonding of the salicylic acid to ovine COX-1 after bromoaspirin and aspirin acetylation by Ser530 is investigated within the scope of density functional theory considering a 6.5 Å radius binding pocket. We have not only took full advantage of published X-ray structural data for the ovine COX-1 cocrystallized with bromoaspirin, but(More)
This paper concerns an empirical study on the university-industry cooperation, with the motivation that incubators would function as a transfer technology mechanism. It describes the links relating to R&D, human resources and provision of services for a sample of 79 firms based in the 11 incubators and universities. The results confirm some factors that(More)
The phenomenon of the entrepreneurial university has received considerable attention in recent decades, since the entrepreneurial orientation of academia could put regions and nations at an advantage in areas of economic activity where the focus is on emerging knowledge. Empirical research on entrepreneurial initiative incentives within universities and(More)
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