João P. Monteiro

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CD4(+) T cells produce hematopoietic-related cytokines and are essential for hematopoiesis stimulation during infection and hematologic recovery after bone marrow transplantation. However, it remains unclear if T cells are necessary to maintain normal hematopoiesis. We report here that, in T-cell-deficient mice, terminal differentiation of myeloid(More)
Bone metastases, present in 70% of patients with metastatic breast cancer, lead to skeletal disease, fractures and intense pain, which are all believed to be mediated by tumor cells. Engraftment of tumor cells is supposed to be preceded by changes in the target tissue to create a permissive microenvironment, the pre-metastatic niche, for the establishment(More)
Generation of a self-tolerant but antigen-responsive T cell repertoire occurs in the thymus. Although glucocorticoids are usually considered immunosuppressive, there is also evidence that they play a positive role in thymocyte selection. To address the question of how endogenous glucocorticoids might influence the adaptive immune response, we generated(More)
Biometric systems based on iris are vulnerable to several attacks, particularly direct attacks consisting on the presentation of a fake iris to the sensor. The development of iris liveness detection techniques is crucial for the deployment of iris biometric applications in daily life specially in the mobile biometric field. The 1 st Mobile Iris Liveness(More)
Diet is directly related with physiological alterations occurring at a cell and subcellular level. However, the role of diet manipulation on mitochondrial physiology is still largely unexplored. Aiming at correlating diet with alterations of mitochondrial membrane composition and bioenergetics, Wistar-Han male rats were fed for 11, 22 and 33 days with a(More)
At the end of his life, Hume neglected his first work, and declared that he wished his readers to take into account only the later versions of his theories of the understanding, the passions and morals. This poses a special problem of interpretation: is there a difference between a "young Hume" and a "mature Hume", as in the case of Hegel, and several other(More)
Animal behavior assessment plays an important role in basic and clinical neuroscience. Although assessing the higher functional level of the nervous system is already possible, behavioral tests are extremely complex to design and analyze. Animal's responses are often evaluated manually, making it subjective, extremely time consuming, poorly reproducible and(More)
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