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In order to continuously improve its knowledge and to identify problems and possible solutions, an organization requires understanding the way business is aligned with the organizational strategy and how information systems are supporting the business. This paper presents a framework for describing and associating organizational concepts at multiple levels(More)
Bronchiectasis is one of the most neglected diseases in respiratory medicine. There are no approved therapies and few large-scale, representative epidemiological studies. The EMBARC (European Multicentre Bronchiectasis Audit and Research Collaboration) registry is a prospective, pan-European observational study of patients with bronchiectasis. The inclusion(More)
Kidney renal failure means that one’s kidney have unexpectedly stopped functioning, i.e., once chronic disease is exposed, the presence or degree of kidney dysfunction and its progression must be assessed, and the underlying syndrome has to be diagnosed. Although the patient’s history and physical examination may denote good practice, some key information(More)
It is understood that Collaborative Work plays an important role in today’s organizations life cycle. On the other hand, any decision that may involve a set of decision makers is, by itself, quite complex. It is under this umbrella that it will be presented the VirtualECare project, that contemplates an intelligent multi-agent system able to monitor,(More)
About 90% of breast cancers do not cause or are capable of producing death if detected at an early stage and treated properly. Indeed, it is still not known a specific cause for the illness. It may be not only a beginning, but also a set of associations that will determine the onset of the disease. Undeniably, there are some factors that seem to be(More)
In today’s highly competitive global economy, the demand for high quality products manufactured at low costs with shorter cycle times has forced various industries to consider new product design, manufacturing and management strategies. To fulfill these requirements organizations have to become process-centered so they can maximize the efficiency of their(More)