João Neto

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Broadcast news play an important role in our lives providing access to news, information and entertainment. The existence of an automatic transcription is an important medium that not only can provide subtitles for inclusion of people with special needs or be an advantage on noisy and populated environments , but also because it enables data search and(More)
  • Hugo Meinedo, João Neto, Joao Neto, inesc-Id Pt
  • 2003
This paper describes our work on the development of a system for automatic speech transcription applied to a Broadcast News (BN) task for the European Portuguese language. We developed audio segmenta-tion modules including a scheme for tagging certain speaker clusters (anchors). We developed a speech recognition system for the broadcast news task using(More)
  • Vicente Ferreira De Lucena Junior, José Pinheiro De Queiroz, João Neto, Chaves Edgar, Waldir Filho, Silva Sabino Da +2 others
  • 2011
The curricula of engineering courses are well defined by the central government for all Brazilian universities. Indeed, there are some mandatory determinations that must be fulfilled prior to the accreditation of any engineering course in Brazil. Modifications must be submitted for evaluation beforehand, resulting in a process that sometimes takes years to(More)
Object versioning is the keystone for implementing eventual consistency in modern geo-distributed object storage systems such as Amazon S3. Despite this, the study of implementing object versioning has not been given a lot of attention in either academic or industrial communities. The selection of an implementation method is not considered as an important(More)
  • Mircea Pitici, Ian Stewart, Steven Strogatz, Edward Frenkel, Jordan Ellenberg, Domenico Napoletani +34 others
  • 2015
This is the sixth anthology in our series of recent writings on mathematics selected from professional journals, general interest publications, and Internet sources. All pieces were first published in 2014, roughly in the form we reproduce (with one exception). Most of the volume is accessible to readers who do not have advanced training in mathematics but(More)
The subtitling demand of multimedia content has grown quickly over the last years, especially after the adoption of the new European audiovisual legislation, which forces to make multimedia content accessible to all. As a result, TV channels have been moved to produce subtitles for a high percentage of their broadcast content. Consequently, the market has(More)
The automatic resolution for resolving conflict updates in cloud storage services has been well studied, however, how to correctly implement the resolution in real-world systems remains challenging. In this paper, we present the challenges we experienced when implementing our cloud storage system. They include (1) detecting the intended object for an update(More)
Finding the best path between two nodes on an arbitrary communication network is a complex task. Instead of using a central processing unit to keep network topology and compute the best path by request, herein all nodes will react when a network node/arc is inserted/deleted, and eventually producing other reactions on their immediate neighbors, causing a(More)