João Negreiros

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Most spatial analysis computer programs are available on the 'World Wide Wait' leading this framework to a new GIS platform. Ultimately, this world expects fast answers because if it works then it is obsolete. To review and to evaluate the present spatial geostatistical analysis software and withdraw major conclusions regarding its implementation status are(More)
One of the purposes of this study is to evaluate how the choice of teaching method can be assisted by knowledge of a student’s personality type and learning style. The present research is undertaken in the context of Web 2.0 tools use within the Portuguese literature subject at Escola Portuguesa de Macao (EPM). The Felder-Soloman index of learning style(More)
This short article presents a spatial analysis of crime in the city of Praia, Santiago, Cape Verde. Its key feature of this research lies in the generation of solid surfaces considering the georeferenced locations of crimes and the existing police stations. Using the thematic maps generated by IDW (Inverse Distance Weighted) interpolation, it is expected(More)
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