João Mendes

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Waste frying oils transesterification was studied with the purpose of achieving the best conditions for biodiesel production. Transesterification reactions were carried out for 1 h using waste frying oils (WFOs), methanol, and sodium hydroxide as catalyst. In order to determine the best conditions for biodiesel production, a series of experiments were(More)
This paper presents a study on lightning statistics over the continental territory of Portugal during a period from 2003 to 2014, using the data collected by the national Lightning Location System. Being part of the EUCLID (European Cooperation of Lightning Detection) project, this European grid is presented and its performance validated over the European(More)
Spirituality is considered a dimension of nursing care, which is often recognized as being neglected, mainly due to a lack of education. Several studies have addressed nursing students’ perceptions and skills for providing spiritual care, but there is little evidence on how spirituality is addressed in undergraduate nursing curricula. This study comprised(More)
This paper describes the application of a Monte Carlo statistical method to evaluate the lightning performance of transmission lines. Monte Carlo routines were developed in Matlab software, to conduct calculation of transients in EMTP-RV-RV, using custom Electro-Geometric Model and acceleration algorithms. The main goal of this paper is to increase the(More)
This paper describes the benchmarking and evaluation of conventional and non-conventional practices to improve lightning performance of transmission lines. A Monte Carlo method using Matlab and EMTP-RV was used to evaluate the effectiveness of those practices applied to two Portuguese transmission lines case studies, covering both back flashover and(More)
INTRODUCTION In tissues and organs exposed to large pressure amplitude low frequency noise fibrosis occurs in the absence of inflammatory signs, which is thought to be a protective response. In the parotid gland the perivasculo-ductal connective tissue surrounds arteries, veins and the ductal tree. Perivasculo-ductal connective tissue is believed to(More)