João Madeiras Pereira

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Requirements are the heart of Information Systems development because they determine how the system will operate. Therefore, requirements elicitation is a critical activity of the information systems development life cycle. Recognizing the importance of collaborative work and the huge difficulty of gathering stakeholders at the same time and place,(More)
Business simulation games are considered as effective tools for the empowerment and mediation of business content learning. They act as serious games which contribute to learning through a simulation of real-life situations and business environments. They are especially useful in the area of business management processes and business strategies. The(More)
Large-scale displays require new interaction techniques because of their physical size. There are technologies that tackle the problem of interaction with such devices by providing natural interaction to larger surfaces. We argue, however, that large-scale displays offer physical freedom that is not yet being applied to interaction. To better understand how(More)
IMMIView is an interactive system that relies on multiple modalities and multi-user interaction to support collaborative design review. It was designed to offer natural interaction in visualization setups such as large-scale displays, head mounted displays or TabletPC computers. To support architectural design, our system provides content creation and(More)
This paper presents a game with the aim of developing persistent knowledge inside a Cultural Heritage exhibition. The authors developed a game called Solis Curse, that was used as a way of testing the knowledge acquired during the museum visit. Similar to an entertainment quiz, the game presents a set of questions with progress ional levels of difficulty.(More)
This work explores an alternative approach to the problem of collision detection using images instead of geometry to represent complex polygonal environments and buildings derived from laser scan data, used in an interactive navigation scenario. In a preprocessing step, models that are not point clouds, are sampled to create representative point clouds. Our(More)
The Boolean multireference alignment problem consists in recovering a Boolean signal from multiple shifted and noisy observations. In this paper we obtain an expression for the error exponent of the maximum A posteriori decoder. This expression is used to characterize the number of measurements needed for signal recovery in the low SNR regime, in terms of(More)
Currently, the design of aesthetic products is a process that requires a set of activities where digital models and physical mockups play a key role. Typically, these are modified (and built) several times before reaching the desired design, increasing the development time and, consequently, the final product cost. In this paper, we present an innovative(More)