João Madeiras Pereira

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Large-scale displays require new interaction techniques because of their physical size. There are technologies that tackle the problem of interaction with such devices by providing natural interaction to larger surfaces. We argue, however, that large-scale displays offer physical freedom that is not yet being applied to interaction. To better understand how(More)
IMMIView is an interactive system that relies on multiple modalities and multiuser interaction to support collaborative design review. It was designed to offer natural interaction in visualization setups such as large-scale displays, head mounted displays or TabletPC computers. To support architectural design, our system provides content creation and(More)
Annotated videos have been used in the context of dance performance not only as a way to record and share compositions and knowledge between different choreographers, but also as a powerful learning tool. Restraining the viewpoint of the user to the recorded point of view can be an obstacle in several scenarios. Alternatives that introduce the concept of a(More)